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Post of June 2016

Insight from a Worth, Illinois Estate Planning Attorney: Wills, Trusts & Dying Intestate: How They Differ

  Most people understand that having an Estate Plan is a “good thing.” However, many of us don’t take the steps to get that Estate Plan in place because we don’t understand the nuances between Wills and Trusts or dying without either. Here’s what will happen if you die intestate

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A Question for Chicago’s South Suburbs: Which Type of Trust Is Best for You?

Revocable Trust v. Irrevocable Trust   Trusts allow you to avoid probate, minimize taxes, provide organization, maintain control and provide for yourself and your heirs. In its most simple terms, a Trust is a book of instructions wherein you explain what to do and when do it.   While there

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10 Types of Trusts: A Quick Look

When it comes to choosing a Trust, there is more than one option and the type you choose depends on your current life situation. This can make the process of creating an Estate Plan seem daunting.   Eileen and the associates at Kerlin Walsh Law guide you step-by-step through the

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